Funky Friday Grab Bag – 05/01/09

Friday, time for a recap for this week’s posts:

Measurement MondaysDon’t Confuse Metrics with Measurement
Loyalty Tuesdays Can Loyalty be Lost?
Relationships Wednesdays Customer Centric? Where is the ROI on That?
Social ThursdaysHow to build a Killer Community in Three Easy Steps

Now, for all those funky and interesting links that may or may not be related to the wonderful world of Customer Service.

You probably heard of crowdsourcing – right? Back in my old Gartner days I used to talk about collaborative customer service (some 6-7 years ago, before it was popular like today) and could not put a nice name to it. Well, someone did it now – and the NYT ran an article on it that has been pretty well received in the world of Social Media and CRM.

Also, on a separate item of using collective wisdom and resources, how about this? A group of Internet people who could not enough of the Lord of the Rings series took the appendix to the original books (called the Hunt for Gollum) and “crowdsourced” a movie (wait, it is not going to be released until May 3rd – but check on Sunday). This movie will be released only in the Internet, it is a 40 minute movie and supposedly pretty well done considering the $4,500 budget (yes, 4.5K not millions). Most interesting part: the group that put it together did it out of pure pleasure and will – and their main purpose was to do it, so they are not intending to make any money out of it.

Finally, and to lessen the tensions a little bit over this whole Influenza A H1N1 scare, this picture that the CDC released will show exactly how this Xenophobic imbroglio started (yeah, I can use big words too).

Thanks for your support – come back on Monday for the next post! Have a great weekend (unless you live in Northern California or Reno where it is supposed to rain and even maybe snow).

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