The Truth Behind Loyalty

You can’t have loyalty without trust.

Sounds simple enough, you can repeat it, you can stand behind it – what does it mean?

If you really want to build customers loyalty among your customers, forget having it as a goal.  You shouldn’t even try to improve customer satisfaction.  Those metrics don’t reflect the truth behind Loyalty.

Loyalty is not an end result – it is a byproduct of the trust in the relationships your build with your customers.

All the hoopla and buzz about something that you can’t even grow organically within your programs – something that happens only if you do other things right.  The easiest way to build loyalty is to build the trust your customers have in the relationship with you – then loyalty will just happen.

Consider the case of American Express Platinum cardmembers.  Is there a logical explanation behind paying in excess of $400 per year for the “privilege” of having the card? Yes, you get some more benefits and some of them are nice, but not sufficient to justify the cost of ownership.  Why would they pay then? Trust.  When American Express says you can buy a house with the Platinum card they mean it.  And their cardmembers trust them.  And, it is this trust that developed into loyalty over the years and makes Platinum cardmembers continue to pay year after year – even though most of them don’t buy a house with it.

Promises made and kept develop trust; trust engenders loyalty.  What promises are you making to your customers? Are you keeping them?

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