Funky Friday Grab Bag – 05/08/09

Another Week, another weekly recap (BTW, writing yesterday’s communities entry made me remember the good old days of monitoring and contributing to a Compuserve Group on Word and Word for Windows – those were the days of 1,200-9,600 bps modems and lots of passion…)

Measurement MondaysHow to Avoid Failure in Your Measurement Programs
Loyalty TuesdaysThe Truth Behind Loyalty
Relationship WednesdaysIs Your Customer Experience Initiative Hurting Your Relationships?
Communities ThursdaysThe Two Most Important People for Your Communities

I have two very interesting articles I found this week.  They are both fairly long, but also quite interesting.

The first one is a New Yorker article aboud David and Goliath.  It does a great job of describing how someone or something that is fighting the odds should act, how breaking the rules if a way to change the game, and how a team of rookie, 12-year-old basketball players managed to make it to the state championships not so much on traditional talent as on cunning and will.  Very well written, and very interesting.

On the second one, we move to Anthony Robbins and more inspirational stuff.  I found this blog post via a twitter tip – but unfortunately I cannot remember whom.  So, if you sent me my way – thanks, it was very well written.  Did you know that if you love what you do is not a job, but a passion?  And that passion is what makes you get up in the morning and put in the time to do whatever it takes to complete your “job”?  This very interesting blog entry describes that quite well, with good examples and lengthy descriptions.  Well written, informative, and very inspirational.  If you have some 15-20 minutes it will reinforce your passion.

Thanks for sharing another week with me, have a great weekend, remember Mother’s day if you are in the US – and will see you again next week!

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