Funky Friday Grab Bag – 05/15/2009

As usual on Fridays, a recap of this week’s entries:

Measurement Mondays – Why do you Want to be the Same Mediocre Loser?
Loyalty Tuesdays – The Two Loyalty Models Compared in a Nutshell
Relationships Wednesdays – Why Managing Experiences is Not a Technology, Nor a Strategy
Communities Thursdays – The Role of Big Brother in Community Building

Now, for the selected links for this week.  I wanted to recommend one or two of my favorite TED talks.  The TED web site (they announced this week they added CC in 44 languages to their web site — amazing) has some of the absolute most mind-blowing and inspirational talks I have seen.  I make it a routine to watch at least one of them a day (confession: you can become addicted, I have spent in excess of 4 hours there once. Better than youtube by miles), and most days is 2-3 that I get to watch.  It gets me thinking, and it gets me different perspectives.  Instead of telling you what to watch, how about if you just make it today’s chore to visit the TED web site and do a search for something that interests you?

Also, wanted to point out a web site on customer service that I find rather interesting.  Check out AmazingServiceGuy, corny name – amazing content!  He does a great job in keeping up to date with the new and worthy in Customer Service.  Take a few minutes to take a look, you will find some very interesting links and content there.

Finally, and to guide you forward in your research, make sure to take a look at some of the Web 3.0 stuff.  You probably heard about the Google Wonder Wheel and the Context-sensitive search options.  You probably also read something about this Alpha Wolfram thing.  The Web 3.0 (I recommend ReadWriteWeb as a starting point) is behind all this – and much more!  Start reading, you won’t regret it.

Thanks for your support this week again, looking forward to another set of conversations next week!

One Reply to “Funky Friday Grab Bag – 05/15/2009”

  1. I most enjoyed the Monday and Wednesday blogs. For me they represent what I like to call “The Goose Chase”. Companies, by the people working for them, have a tendency to copy rather then to create. They have a tendency to “quote” instead of using/discovering their own “Voice”.

    Your blog show some good examples to the contrary. Let’s hope that people don’t just start copying them, but take them as an inspiration to start digging deeper into the Voice of their Customers and discovering their own Voice.

    In answer to your wednesday closing question: I’m in!


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