The Three Secrets of Loyalty

Everyone knows how to build loyalty, few are willing to do it.

First, over-deliver.

Find out what your customer’s expectations are, what they would like to see happen in any interaction, both the  results and steps to complete them.  Design your experiences around those expectations, aiming to always over-deliver on what they expect to see.  Become effective in giving them what they need when they need it, they begin to see you as a trusted resource.

Second, develop Trust.

Loyal relationships are based on trust.  If a customer believes they know the outcome of an interaction before it occurs, they begin to trust the organization.  Once this trust is developed, they know their expectations will be met, they are easier to manage, eager to tell you more of what they want and need, they want to continue working with you.  Over time, the relationship strengthens.

Third, be patient.

Loyalty is a long-term feeling that customers develop with an organization once they trust their expectations and needs will be met.  It happens over an undetermined period of time; there is no secret to how long it takes to build loyal customers. If you continuously over-deliver to trusting customers, over time you will notice you don’t have to sell them.  They are already sold.

Customers will reward your organization with their loyalty only if you take the time to build these effective, trusting relationships.

Effectiveness, Trust, and Patience.  It is easy to explain, takes a lifetime to master.

Can you do it?

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