Funky Friday Grab Bag – 05/22/2009

As usual on Fridays, a recap of this week’s entries:

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Loyalty Tuesdays – The Three Secrets of Loyalty
Relationships Wednesdays – A Methodology for Crafting Awesome Experiences
Communities Thursdays – Don’t Throw Away the Forums Baby with the Communities Bath Water

How to Avoid Letting Your Brand Ego Take Over Your Communities
If you have a good brand you have a brand ego.  That is the belief that you can do no wrong – because you already have a good brand.  That is a deadly disease for your brand.

I was reading the comments in a vlog posting by TheBrandBuilder (smart guy, very astute when it comes to marketing, must follow if you ask me) when it dawned on me.  The larger and most recognizable brands in the world are suffering as much as the rest of us when it comes to managing communities. Actually, they are worse.  Their brand ego is taking over their efforts and they are failing worse than we are.

Rejoice!  this whole world of communities is actually a democratic one… we are all equally unqualified to make it happen without practice.

And, finally, let me tell you what the next big thing is: Contextual (or Semantic, or Web 3.0) Web.  Trust me on this one.  We will be having this discussion in about 2-3 years and you will have to say “You where right – should’ve listened to you back then”.  So, save yourself from that embarrasment now and start learning about it.  Check out ReadWriteWeb for some awesome articles and pointers.  After all, the hashtags for Twitter are cute – but not the solution.

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