The Path to Loyalty

You cannot gain loyalty out of just one interaction.

Nor can you gain loyalty by crafting awesome experiences.  Loyalty is the end-goal of a well-traveled mountain path littered by barriers and detours.  There are many advantages to it, but just only one way to get it.  No matter who you are.

Implementing loyalty programs or crafting great experiences can help you get there faster, but they won’t make the road any smoother. You still have to go to the extreme to gain your customers’ loyalty.  They don’t want to have awesome experiences, they want Managed Experiences – personalized and hand-delivered.  Think of it as an ultra-luxury hotel or resort. Once they get to know you, they anticipate your moves, desires, and wants.  It becomes almost a well choreographed dance – where they deliver what you want at the precise moment, almost without asking.  Anticipation and proactivity are part of the managed experience.

There is just one way to get there – craft awesome experiences personalized for each customer, measure your way to loyalty, and focus only on those customers that can deliver a loyal relationship.  How?

Look at the following picture.

Path to Loyalty

The path to loyalty has to have all these elements.  Managed Experiences. Appropriate MetricsRight Customers.  When you can make them all work together, you are on your way. Align you measurement, segementation, and experience programs along your segments, follow them through, and you are in.

Any questions?

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