Crowdsourcing SCRM Interview Questions

This is an experiment.

I had an idea about three weeks ago: I wanted to see what the top minds think of SCRM and the future. I want to ask them the same five questions and post the answers a different day during one week.

I already talked to Ed Thompson from Gartner and Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and they agreed to do it .  I have other people I am talking to as well, top minds in this market (if you think of anyone, just let me know in the comments below)

As I was going through the process of writing and re-writing, etc. I realized this small projects was not “customer”-centric.  In other words, the readers (i.e. you) were not involved and could not ask the questions they wanted.

I want to crowdsource the questions:

  1. on Thursday August 13 before 10:00 PM US-PDT (-8 from Greenwich Time), write one or more questions you want to ask in the comments section below.
  2. That night I will collect them, compile, and create a list of all the questions submitted.
  3. I will post them by midnight in a poll form.
  4. You will then have time before 5:00 PM US-PDT (-8 from Greenwich Time) on Monday August 17 to vote for your favorites.
  5. I will compile the resulting questionnaire with the top-five, prepare the emails and send them on their way.
  6. I will publish them when I get all the answers (I expect no more than one week).

It relies on your contributions and your curiosity.

Would you help me?

4 Replies to “Crowdsourcing SCRM Interview Questions”

  1. Have you researched the incentives that make people more likely to co-produce your services with you or that may be needed in the future to tempt more of your service users willing to be co-producers?


  2. Do you believe that the C-Level executives of non-technology companies really comprehend what SCRM is, and how it impacts their business?


  3. What is the best example you have seen of SCRM implementation for the enterprise market? How was it accomplished (organizational involvement, processes)? What are the benefits derived from this deployment? How would you improve it further?


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