Crowdsourcing and SCRM Interview – Follow Up

Good news is that I received close to 300 visitors to this post today.

Bad news is that I got only 4 questions submitted, so there won’t be any follow-up voting.

I am happy with the questions submitted and will use them in the interviews (maybe shorten a couple of them a little).

I am very satisfied with the process overall, and I learned some things from talking to some of the readers offline:

  • don’t ask for questions, ask for topics or areas to cover
  • I should have started the whole process as crowdsourcing, allowing you to select the people to interview, the topics, and the questions. I asked too late for the input and it probably cost me some collaboration.

Speaking of which, now that they are all confirmed, the incredible minds that will tackle these questions are:

  • Frank Eliason (“founder” of Comcastcares)
  • Paul Greenberg (well, you know who he is)
  • Marshall Lager (former Senior Editor CRM Media and Founder of Third Idea Consulting)
  • Dr. Natalie Petohouff (Forrester Analyst covering Social Media use in Customer Service)
  • Ed Thompson (Gartner analyst covering CEM and CRM)
  • Bob Warfield (CEO of Helpstream)

The questions that were submitted are (in their original form):

  1. Have you researched the incentives that make people more likely to co-produce your services with you or that may be needed in the future to tempt more of your service users willing to be co-producers?
  2. Do you believe that the C-Level executives of non-technology companies really comprehend what SCRM is, and how it impacts their business?
  3. How will SCRM impact the traditional CRM vendors and applications?
  4. What is the best example you have seen of SCRM implementation for the enterprise market? How was it accomplished (organizational involvement, processes)? What are the benefits derived from this deployment? How would you improve it further?

If you have something to add, or a question to ask from the panelists, please do so in the comments to this post.

Got someone else you want to listen from? Any questions to add? Any comments? I am open to suggestions and feedback.

2 Replies to “Crowdsourcing and SCRM Interview – Follow Up”

  1. I’m really interested in comments on #4. It would be interesting to hear from Greg Oxten (Consortium for Service Innovation) with some examples from the work on Betty /the Adaptive Support Organization/Swarming. Several of their member are running modest programs with some success and lots of learning.

    Also, for #3, given the focus on social processes (in addition to technology) perhaps add to the question, will the traditional vendors gravitate more quickly toward comprehensive solutions rather then traditional software and services?

    Interesting approach and topic … looking forward to hearing more.


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