Some Questions on Social Experience (Teaser)

I am doing a Webinar with the incredible Brent Leary and Jacada Wednesday on the topic of Social Experience.

Preparing for this was quite interesting.  I was working with some of the slides I have on Social Experience (available on Slideshare) and thinking about the questions that I get almost every day on this topic:

Obviously, the first question is always “what is social experience”, followed by the traditional “and why do I care”.  Those are questions that everyone is asking.

But, did you ever think of the following questions…

“How does the Social Experience affect my organization?”

“What do I need to do about the Social Experience?”

“Why is it called a Social Experience, and how does it differ from the traditional experience?” (excellent question)

“Should I worry about the Social Experience?”

and, my most favorite question — “what if I don’t do anything about it?”.

There is a lot of be said and done, still, about the Social Experience.  We are past definitions, we are past acknowledgements of its existence, and we are starting to figure out what we need to do about it.

Want to know what to do?

Here is the link to register for the webinar (told you this post was a teaser)

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