Upcoming June Madness… Wanna Join Me?

I know I have been — what’s the word… haphazardly? sporadically? — writing lately in the blog because I have been quite busy working on materials and deliverables for my upcoming month-on-the-road.  I have some very cool things coming up, lots of work and effort that went into producing it and would love to share them with you — if you want to join me.

Check it out…

Social Media Readiness Assessment

I spent a considerable amount of the time the past four months working on a Social Media Maturity Model and the associated Social Media Readiness tools.  It is pretty cool, and it can help you organization understand where you are, where you are going, and what you are going to be doing in Social Media.  I have always said that Social Media (the channels) are going to become your basic infrastructure (just like phones or emails) — but there is a proper way to do this, to integrate it with other tools and architecture in your organization, and to understand where things like Social CRM, Social ERP, Social Business come in.

Would you like to know how it all fits together?

Would you like to use an online tool to see where your organization stands in relationship to the model?

Join me and Visible Technologies at these dates and locations (links are to sign-up pages for each event).

Oh, did I forget to mention that there is an ROI calculator that was developed by Dr. Natalie Petohouff that will help you justify how you can bring Social Media to your organization?

Silly me… all these tools, all this knowledge — all this hard work… how can you say no?

Join us on June 2nd in Los Angeles for a breakfast on Social Readiness, Adoption, and ROI http://conta.cc/buWIQO

Join us on June 3rd in San Francisco http://conta.cc/cLi3zm

Join us on June 17th in New York http://conta.cc/dd4pFA

Join us on June 22nd in Chicago http://conta.cc/c3vJ1i

Join us on June 23rd in Atlanta http://conta.cc/cYvcfI

Lei Parla Italiano? Lei Parla Enteprise 2.0?

I am presenting at the International Forum for Enterprise 2.0 in Milan, Italy.  Beyond the oh-so-cool factor that I am going to Italy for a few days, I am going to be bringing the voice of Social CRM to the Enterprise 2.0 world.  I am co-presenting with Mr. Mark Tamis, of Enterprise 2.0 and SCRM fame, and we will be talking about how to make it all work together.  Not only that, but we were also given the closing panel for the conference — talking about “Enterprise 2.0 is from Mars, Social CRM is from Venus — bringing the two together to make a Social Business”.  It is going to be awesome.

Sameer Patel (fellow presenter at the conference) wrote a great post with far more details that I can fit in here.

One if by land, two if by water (and three if by Enteprise 2.0).

OK, corny title — but I am coming to Enteprise 2.0 in Boston, doing a panel, and having lots of time.  What else is there to do at a conference of people that believe in collaboration, in working for the customer, and in innovating their operations?  Why, evangelize, of course!  Want to meet at the conference?  Email me and we can set some time… I am going to be there 15 and 16, looking forward to it.

Who Said You Can Never Go Home Again?

Gartner’s CRM conference is coming — and I am making the trip  to meet with former colleagues, fellow thinkers, and to see what they have been up to in the past 2.5 years since I left.  Have they embraced Social CRM? Have they adopted new models for collaboration in the enterprise? Is there a Social CRM Magic Quadrant being introduced (rumor has it)?  I am going to be there just for one day (June 28 – email me if you want to meet while down there) since I have to fly out to make it on time for…

Hablas Castellano? Quieres Hablar de Experiencias del Consumidor?

Sorry, just keeping international.  I am going to be part of an extension course / summer seminar in Madrid, Spain talking about customer experiences for the next few years, what to do, how to make it better, etc.  It is going to happen at the Universidad de Madrid, on June 30 through July 2.  I have a lot of work I have put into creating the new model for Customer Experience that I will be unveiling there.  Want to come?  Sign up and join me!

(July is going to be off-the-road, while I prepare to move, August has some events, so does September, October, November — and then off for the month of December — at least hoping that’s how it works)

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  1. Hi Esteban – would be curious to see what you have been onto, specially after our discussion on skype a few days ago!
    Pls keep me posted.


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