Another Year(ish) Gone, How Am I Doing?

I started this blog right before coming to CRM Evolution in 2009.  I migrated  content from a WordPress blog I had for a few months and “cheated” by adding stuff I had from older blogs — but the stats in this blog go back just about one year (the actual first date was August 23, 2009).

I was curious as to how well (or bad, you tell me) things have progressed in the last year so I went back and took a look at what interested you the most.  Here are the top five posts (if you don’t count the pages like Know Me, Hire Me, Contact Me and Home — all of them in the top 5 as well):

The SCRM Roadmap – Part 1 of 5
Let’s Call a Spade a Spade (and Social Media a Band-Aid)
A Brief History of SCRM
Why Chatter Matters
Debunking Three Myths About the Gartner Social CRM Magic Quadrant

Pretty obvious that you are interested in Social CRM, Social Media, and Collaboration… but, am I missing any big topics you’d like to see me cover?

How about your favorite? Any of the above? None? All of them?  Let me know what worked for you the best this part year(ish) and what did not. Please leave your comments with what’s good and what’s not (don’t worry, my feelings won’t get hurt).

Thanks a lot!

5 Replies to “Another Year(ish) Gone, How Am I Doing?”

  1. Esteban,

    I think you’ve done excellently over the last year because you continue to focus on the pragmatic, practical and challenging questions first. You constantly attempt to show how SCRM can become an integral part of a company’s daily strategies and operations. That in and of itself is a daunting task, yet layering in change management, legacy system integration, process management and improvement, all areas you have mentioned, make your analysis valuable. You have a unique and very clear approach to combining analytics and pragmatism in your frameworks. Your perspective on metrics to guide all these strategies and change is also valuable.

    I think adding in more SCRM early adopter case studies, even with the company names masked, would be useful. Also explaining how companies attempting to adopt SCRM confront change management and how their experiences support or vary from your insights would be interesting. Also knowing what hasn’t worked in early adopters would be valuable for your readers as well.

    Lastly, your blog educates really well. I’m a student of SCRM and interested in staying current. Your blog thankfully cuts through the hype and gets to the real issues and as a result it’s a great learning resource.

    Keep up the great work Esteban and have a great week!


    1. Louis,

      I am honored and humbled that you would think that way of me. Many thanks for the kind words.

      I have taken on a project to find the “silent voices” of Social CRM and expose them in my blog. This was going to be a top priority in 2011, but I am sensing from the comments I am getting here that this is going to be more of a priority sooner.

      I agree that if we can find and publish those case studies we will move this far further than without them. And, of course, I will definitely insist on metrics and measurements as part of those posts.

      Thanks for the read and comment!


  2. Wow a year already? Seems like just yesterday that you, me, Steve and Andrew were out in Vegas pondering the future of CRM 🙂

    Of course my favorite post (that I didn’t write) was Debunking Three Myths About the Gartner Social CRM Magic Quadrant. I love your perspectives on how these things come together. Invaluable for vendors and those who (still) make big $$$ decisions on the latest MQ.

    As for what I’d like more of, selfishly I’d say Social Media, Social Marketing + Social Commerce, and maybe more on metrics and ROI. Also would love to have your readers check out/comment/poke holes in the Social Marketing Maturity Model I’ve been playing with (see highlights in my new blog post:

    Congrats on a great year!


    1. Allen,

      Funniest thing, we never even talked about Social CRM back then — remember? we covered communities, but the link to CRM was not as apparent back then (well, we dream some pretty good scenarios — but those are even further into the future).

      I am extending a warm invite for anyone who has something to say on Social Marketing (and will make this another project as well) and Social Sales and Social Service to post here. Cross-post, loan it, write here, whatever it works. I want to build a place with all the content. And the invitation is extended to you as well.

      As for your post — anyone reading this blog post should go and check it out for sure — it is very well done.

      Thanks for the read!


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