Friday Roundup (aka Desperate Attempt to Post Something)

Yes, Yes, Yes… I have been absent.

It is not that I am not doing anything, mind you – I have been working on the future of Social Business, and it is looking very, very cool.  My clients, who I do get to pick thankfully, have some of the coolest ideas around, and they are working hard to deploy the next generation of Social X.  Thankfully, and I am truly grateful, they asked me to help with some parts of it — which means I have had no time.

Well, I was almost caught up before the Petri dishes we call Elementary School and Preschool reconvened and my system was exposed to some incredible new viruses that I have never been exposed before (I am going to say that having moved recently probably helped that) and I was out for a week.

But I digress.

I decided to do a roundup to let you know some of the very cool stuff I have found in the last few weeks, give you a glimpse as to what’s coming down the pipeline, and some links and interesting — stuff I collected this week.  If sufficient people read this over the weekend, maybe I will do this every week… in my spare time.

Oh, yeah – back to regular blogging (once-a-week— ish) next week I hope.

So, without further do — some of the links and stuff I have collected this week (or been working on).  Goes without saying, I hope, in no particular order.

John Coldwell, from InfoQuest in the UK, knows about Customer Satisfaction for B2B.  Has a methodology, product, and oodles of experience.  He started a blog about it, and he is quite good with it — so see if you can make some space in your readers for this one.

Thierry be Baillon wrote a killer post to support the idea of the collaborative enterprise (he has not yet called it that, he will soon) and you can read that here.

Joseph Morin, who seems to be everywhere in social these days — including his new enterprise Social Rewards, introduced me to a very cool new solution (hashable),  a very cool Social Sales add-on, leveraging Social Networks to be social – check it out.

Oldi-sh, but a very good one, understanding the consumer of the future at Inc. magazine, an interview with John Gerzema, Chief Insights Officer at Young and Rubicam.  Read it, has some good insights into the changing marketplace.

Exceptional piece by Beth Harte and Geoff Livingston in her blog – The Meme to End All Memes.  Excellent compilation of where the world is today with Social — this is a great read.

If you followed the #SM76  chat last Monday, those amongst us with ADD quickly degenerated a good conversation on SCRM into a discussion on trust, authenticity, privacy and other heady issues.  Following that debacle, Mr. Godfather of CRM himself (why, Paul Greenberg – of course) regaled us with a link to Outside of the Box a blog by Karl Wabst  on privacy and related issues.  Incredibly good read.

I came across these on Twitter, and I cannot recall who posted them — or where they came from — so here is a generous hat tip in the direction of the Twitterverse — keepstream (dyamic collection of tweets) and (just what it sounds like , very easy to use).

Good friend, and excellent Customer Service professional, Kate Leggett joined Forrester to cover the spot left by Dr. Natalie Petohouff.  Please follow her on Twitter — and do ask her any questions you may have, she is way knowledgeable.  She can put me to shame in Customer Service (I am sure in other topics as well, but we are talking Customer Service here).

I am introducing a whole slew of new content and research in the next few weeks via Webinars and White Papers (see? I do work).  I will post more details next week on this.  Stay tuned and I guarantee you will not be disappointed (cannot promise you agree, but can promise it will be very, very interesting).

I am kicking off two projects to collect user stories on social and CRM (not necessarily together – but they can be).  More details on that also next week.  This is in response to your requests to post more case studies and use cases for Social and CRM.  See how it works? Closing the loop, delivering against expectations for most — exceeding for some that thought I was not even listening.  Eat your own dog food — that is what I am talking about… (cliche-heavy section of the post is now done)

And, finally for this Friday, have you checked out Experience on the Edge yet? Paul Greenberg reverted to his roots and started doing his weekly-ish podcasts.  If you are in the CRM world… heck, if you are in the business world — definitely check it out… I am going to guess the next one comes out today – but if I do the FTC and SEC may come after me for insider information… so just subscribe to the RSS Feed.

What do you think? Is this Valuable? Want me to continue? Leave me a comment and let me know… it is fun to do, but takes some time…

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