Some Guest Posts for You to Read

There are three posts I wrote recently, not on my blog, that are very interesting (yes, my opinion is biased – I know).

I wrote my monthly contribution to  I am asking the question, is Social Done? Of course, the answer to me is Yes – so I explore a little bit more what organizations have to do to take advantage of the bounty Social X brought with it.  Please read it and comment here.

I started my series of five posts (one and two are done) on Social CRM for Jacada.  Start by looking at the need for Social CRM and continue by looking at how to put together a strategy for Social CRM in post #2.  Will also look at some success stories (next Monday) and finish with a look at 2-3 and 5-7 years down the road (following two weeks).

Very cool stuff coming up, so stay tuned to it!

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