The Near Term Future of Social CRM

I posted this yesterday at Jacada’s blog — part of the ongoing series of Meet the Experts (and Esteban)

I have enjoyed writing about Social CRM in this Jacada series, albeit it’s coming to end (got just this one and one more to talk about the long-term future of Social CRM – next week).  Always happy to talk about what’s coming – you know me, all about models and frameworks and visions and futures.


Want to hear more?

Join me and Jacada at the Webinar, Social CRM: The Final Frontier… of Hype on Thursday October 7th, 2010 – 11:00 AM EST (8:00 AM PST, 9:00 AM MST, 10:00 CST, 15:00 UK, 16:00 Europe — too early in Alaska and Hawaii, too late in the rest of the world)

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