It could be the year life ends after “The Rock” impacts Portugal, or the year that IPv4 IP addresses are exhausted.  Or it could be the year that Social CRM goes mainstream.  Maybe even the year that Blue Waters – the closest living relative to SkyNet – comes online.

In reality, it is another collection of 365 days (plus minus a few hours here and there) that is a blank slate.  An open road into the future.

Have a great New Year celebration with your family, let out a deep sigh that 2010 is gone, recharge, and come back next week ready for whatever the future may bring.

The road is wide open; Albert Einstein once said “I never think about the future, it comes soon enough“.

(the picture above is one that my wife took that I think is a great way to show the future — bright, yet unknown)

Happy New Year!

3 Replies to “Onward”

  1. Chuck,

    I agree with the sentiment.

    This photo was taken in Reno, in a trail by the Truckee river, around the corner from my house there.

    Thanks for the kind words, will tell my wife someone liked it — she’ll be happy to hear that.

    Have a superb year-end celebration, and a fantastic 2011!


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