NICE Acquires Fizzback – Quick Take

On September 19th, 2011 NICE Systems announced the acquisition of Fizzback – an EFM Vendor.  A detailed analysis of this event has been distributed to clients and interested parties; here is a brief summary.

NICE had to do this to remain competitive, and it was merely a question of time before they announced it as they had been working on it for some time.  Fizzback is not a bad choice; the immediate benefits are somewhat unclear.  NICE did this acquisition to build a real-time feedback and real-time analytics offer into their solution – but that will require at least 1-2 years to show.

Fizzback customers must understand the vision and roadmap from NICE and make their long-term decisions on their strategies considering that within two years or less the product is likely to not exist anymore. Competing vendors should create their campaigns to embrace those same customers and implement them quickly.

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