CRM Idol 2012 – And So It Begins…

Starting today at 7 AM US-EDT CRM Idol 2012 (the second season) begins.

The experience last year for all participants, in their words, was incredible.

They learned amazing new things about their companies and products.  The discovered new ways to present their products to the market than they had ever before.  They found new ways to talk about their companies, the people in them, and their passions.  They encountered mentors and advisers that pointed them in directions they never expected to go before – and they found countless success along the way.

Five of the companies that participated have, since then, been acquired and go on to become larger, more focused and better empowered organizations.  Virtually everyone we talk to from the first season said the competition helped them understand how to take their product to the next level.

Now it’s your turn.

Starting today at 7 AM US-EDT you can apply to be a contestant in CRM Idol 2012.  All the information you need, and the application form, can be found at the CRM Idol 2012 web site.

If you are  software vendor in the Americas, EMEA, or Asia Pacific regions – you want to apply.

Go to the website, apply to be a contestant.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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