Social Media Adoption in Business – Wanna Know?

Social Media is reaching mainstream adoption in the enterprise – right?

Do we really know that?

Or are we just speculating?

Until now, we were just speculating – we assumed, presumed, and deducted from most research or projects we have seen thrown around in the press, quoted ad-nausea in presentations, and generally not knowing for sure.

Why do I say until now?

Because I partnered with Denis Pombriant, an esteemed fellow independent analyst with ample credentials who calls Beagle Research his home away from home, to find out.

We are conducting a ground-breaking study into the status and adoption of Social Media and Social Business in the enterprise.  Want to know some of the things we found so far?

  • Near one-third of organizations believe, right or wrong – we will figure that out later, that Social Media is no more than a new set of channels
  • Virtually all of respondents agree that Social Media will help them change the way they communicate with Customers
  • Facebook has broader adoption than Twitter and Linked-In, and there is a new Social Network coming up strong in its heels

How about that?  Those are just a few morsels of information – but there is a lot more to learn, analyze and publish.  Oh, yeah – we are publishing the results and using them in presentations, and webinars, and lots more — we are the sharing kind, you know.

Alas, there is one thing missing – your voice.  Your vote.  Your experience.

You see, we want to make this study the biggest one to date, we want to collect as much information as we can.  We sent nearly 30,000 emails to selected individuals, we are launching a press and social media campaign next (this is one part of that) and we want to get as many people as possible involved.  The more people we get, the better the results — would you please help us with that?

Use this link (or paste in your browser’s address bar if that does not work) and take the survey.  It is a tad long, takes about 15 minutes or so to do it, but you can both help us — and get a cool prize for doing so (you gotta take the survey to find out the wonderful prizes at the end, not going to spoil it for you here).

More importantly, you will get a summary of the results before anyone else and before it gets published (as long as you give us your contact information, we haven’t got  the ESP channel in our CRM solution working yet).

What do you say? Take the Survey? Pass it along to your friends, peers, colleagues?

Thank you, much appreciated.

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