May I Recruit Your Help in a Knowledge Management Research Project?

Late in 2011 I conducted my first market research project on Knowledge Management.

I wanted to get an idea of what was going on in the world, what projects you (royal you, not you personally) were working on, what projects you were going to invest money in, and (more than anything) what was affecting your decisions.

Some or the “pearls of wisdom” I collected were fascinating:

  • Nearly one-third of respondents were making changes to their KM initiatives (seemed too low, but then I remembered the recession was just beginning to let up)
  • More than two-thirds were starting community-generated knowledge management projects (alas, when I followed up they did not know what that meant)
  • Almost one-third of them were considering deploying knowledge in the cloud (I am dying to find out the new numbers), and
  • just six percent of the respondents were sharing their knowledge initiative between agents and users (via self-service) — definitely one of my favorite stats.

Well, twelve-ish months went by and its time, once again, to take the pulse of the market.  I want to learn what has happened since then, and what is happening going forward in the KM market.

Would you help me?

I have updated and deployed the survey.  Eight questions, ten-to-fifteen minutes of your time – and you get a great report in exchange.  We are collecting data through the 22nd of February, and writing through the last week in March.  At the end of March you will receive a copy of the report — but only if you contribute your — well, knowledge.

Please click here to take the survey and help me collect the data.

Questions? Contact me.

Otherwise, thank you very much for helping me figure out how KM has evolved in the past two years and how it will continue to evolve going forward.

disclaimer: this research project, as the one before, are sponsored by Moxie Software.  Even then, I am solely responsible for the questions, the content, and the data is mine and not shared with anyone else.  Don’t worry, your answers are confidential and will never be shared with anyone.
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