Reigniting an Old Debate: Does Knowledege as a Service Exist?

In the penultimate post on the series I am doing at Stone Cobra’s blog on the tectonic shifts in knowledge management, I want to explore the use of Platforms for knowledge.

Alas, since we are in the era of cloud – the use of Platforms MUST have an “aaS” suffix added, no?

In all seriousness, a concept that is “old” (mid 1990’s was the first instance I was able to find) has resurfaced midst advances in cloud and knowledge management.  Knowledge as a Service is something that you should look into if you are redoing your KM initiatives – consider the power of leveraging the knowledge-in-use model we already discussed in a platform — this could be something big!

Check it out, read the post at the Stone Cobra blog and let me know what you think… comments here or there are welcome, unless they are to claim you are the person who invented the term… I provide an answer to that in my post over there.

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