What’s the Value of Knowledge?

This is my latest post reflecting on my research of new models of Knowledge Management (KM).

If you have been following along in the Stone Cobra blog, I talked about how we are changing from traditional models of KM to new paradigms based on use over storage, collective versus individual, and cloud over on-premise. I believe there is a tectonic shift in what knowledge is and how we use it, and wanted to give you an idea of where it may go.

A large part of this shift is the change in the value of knowledge – it is nowhere near where we used to define it.For the longest time we defined value of knowledge as to how much you could learn – but that is changing.

Want to know how it is changing? Read my entry in the Stone Cobra blog for more details – then leave me some comments.  If you are interested in reading what I see as the new methods to compute value of knowledge, please let me know in the comments – I will gladly comply if sufficient people ask for it…

Talk soon?

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