Continuing Discussions on Knowledge Management

Did you have fun reading through the last series of posts about the future of knowledge management I wrote for Stone Cobra (links at the bottom of  this post)?

My model is to do “sponsored” research; I know it sounds horrible, so let me explain.

I don’t have the bandwidth as a single person organization to deliver consistent, periodic research as I did when I was with Gartner.  I want to use blogs to spread the research, it is far easier than writing and distributing notes (trust me, I did that already) but I am somewhat limited when I just do it on my blog.  As much as I appreciate the thousands of youz that read my blog each month – I want to have a broader audience.

That is why I do “sponsored” research: I find partners that are compatible with a specific area I want to research and they sponsor the work I do for a while.  I can pay the bills, they get research to start and extend conversations.  Win-win.  I did that for a while with Stone Cobra and KM, and I am continuing the same with Coveo now.

I wrote the first of a series that looks at what is happening with Knowledge Management in today’s world and how you can get more value from your investment.  First post is titled “Three Ways to Generate Knowledge from Customer Service Interactions” and it will tell you how to use the data and information you collected during encounters with customers to better your organization, your delivery model, and to make sure you exceed customer expectations.

Check it out, let me know what you think in the comments below here or there… would appreciate that.

Future entries are going to take more use cases and explain how they produce knowledge – and what you should do with it.

Thanks for reading.

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