Is Your Customer Service Efficient or Effective? Wanna Find Out?

A premise of moving from company-centricity to customer-centricity is to become more effective at delivering customer service.

As a result of the many years that we admonished customer service organizations to become better and more efficient at what they do, to save more money in their operations, and to reduce the costs of servicing customers we  ended up at the opposite end of where we needed to be.

As it turns out, becoming hyper-efficient is contrary to listening to the customer.

As we grow into the “age of the customer” we see more and more than we need to not only listen to them but also to act according to their needs and expectations.  We are on our way to do that, slowly, but we are lacking a guide on how to get there.

I have written a simple, one question guide to becoming more effective that I’d like to share.  As you (hopefully) recall, I use a “sponsored research model”; the research for the move from efficiency to effective (which was done by talking to several customers and reflecting on their collective experiences) can be found at Coveo’s blog as part of the ongoing series on how Knowledge Management is changing.

Please, hop over there and read the link-bait-named “The One Thing That You Must Do To Ensure Your Customer Service Solution Is Effective” and let me know in the comments what you think if you can. I promise you the content is better than the title…

Thanks for reading.

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