First Call Resolution? That’s Your Grandparents’ Metric!

Continuing to explore the new world of Knowledge Management thanks to my sponsored research model, right now with my friends at Coveo, I want to take a moment to focus on an often overused, always misunderstood, and seldom (to the best of my knowledge – no pun intended) related to knowledge metric of FCR (First Call Resolution).

If you work in Customer Service you heard about it before: how can we ensure that customers don’t call back after we give them (what we believe is) the answer to their problems?  Each return call or return to search for solutions to the same problems corrodes satisfaction and with it long-term loyalty and engagement.  Thus, we want to make sure that the agents are empowered, knowledgeable, and with all necessary information to give a complete and total answer in the first interaction.

However, is this a valid metric? I mean, now that knowledge is changing to a new paradigm – is there a better way to measure resolution and satisfaction?  Could we switch from FCR to a better way to measure? Could we make sure we deliver better satisfaction at every interaction?

To answer these questions I wrote my thoughts in a blog post you can find at Coveo’s blog.  Go over there, read it, and please let me know what you think – am I expecting too much from what we know about customers and their needs? is it possible shift FCR to a new model? Have you done it – and if so, what’s your experience being?

Would love to hear you thoughts and comments.

disclaimer: I use a sponsored research model where customers contribute to my vices in exchange for content.  Since my vice is writing content related to specific topics we are doing great!  Coveo is now sponsoring research on the new knowledge paradigm, as Moxie and Stone Cobra have done in the past (and I am sure someone else will do in the near future as well – this topic is becoming pretty hot and has lots of need… but I digress, disclaimer- yes).  As you can imagine, Coveo is a client – but that does not change the nature of the research, as I retain absolute and final control over the agenda, the content, and control of the publish button.  So, yeah – this is my research, these are my opinions, and whether I get paid to support my vices or not, they won’t change.  Questions?

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  1. There’s an interesting take on this from SQM Group in the July edition of Contact Center Pipeline. The gist of it is that FCR is valid IF you allow the customer, through surveys, to convey whether or not their issue was resolved, and how many contacts it took.

    Contact center solutions that facilitate these surveys enable this methodology.


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