Social Business is a Snap! (The Deck)

You probably read my piece earlier this year where I described where and how to do Social Business in five easy steps; it was called “Social Business is a Snap”.

I put together a deck with that and more information and presented it at Inbound Marketing Summit 2013 yesterday.

Here is the deck in case you want to get a refresher course in the five easy steps to create a social business out of nothing (I feel I should add some “snark” or “irony” tags in here…).

Enjoy, and as always – would love to hear your comments.


3 Replies to “Social Business is a Snap! (The Deck)”

  1. Slide 8: Four stages, not three?

    Many orgs leap right into the fray trying to engage without any real direction at all, before they even begin to recognize need to tie content to tracking and results?

    Missing a stage here, or perhaps you simply have more evolved clients?


  2. i always assume the bottom stage of not doing anything is status quo – you gotta start from somewhere, no?

    the first stage is always the recognition of the solution to the known problem.

    if you are really going to go into a full fledged generational model that is at least 5 stages from totally disorganized to fully optimized with semi-structured to structured stages in between – but that is a further problem that this simple 30-minutes presentation :-).

    maybe next one…


  3. when ceo’s, that learned “their style” in the 90’s, retire and younger ceo’s take over thats when enterprise as a social business will take hold


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