It’s Back! The Best Customer Service Survey Ever — Version 2.0

Well, well, well… a lot has changed in one year in customer service, and we want to know exactly what and how much.

Last year we run an extremely successful survey to determine where the Customer Service market was, what people perceived as the big issues, how they were implementing channels (including the new – then – social channels) and what were the plans for the future.

We had a tad over 400 qualified answers and we published the results under the sponsorship of KANA Software.  In case you don’t remember what the results were, here is the deck we used at CRM Evolution to present the results together with Mitch Lieberman.

It was so successful, and so interesting, that we are redoing the survey.  Version 2.0 is now ready for your answers — and we are also collecting data on mobile service in addition to social and traditional, as well as a couple of extra questions (surprise! but you will want to know what these are, trust me).

Please click here, take the survey (it is not long, should take no more than 10 minutes) and share your opinions.  We are trying to increase the number of responses from last year if we can.

We are going to close the survey on August 23rd, right after CRM Evolution, and we aim to have the report ready for KANA Connect in mid-September.  If you complete the survey and give us your email address we will be happy to send you a copy of the full report when available.

What do you say? Take the Survey? Please?

disclaimer: this should go without saying, but just in case.  KANA Software is a client, has been for some time.  I even worked with them for a short time during my blue period (in between analyst gigs).  I know them, they know me – and they know better than to try to control this research.  This is my project, my report, my study – and they are nice enough to pay me for the privilege of running it.  If you think that either the survey, the data from the survey, the analysis, or the report will ever made it under their control — well, let’s just say you are more likely to rent the super-collider for a weekend of “fun with atoms” than to be right about that.  I will never distribute the data from the report to anyone, nor will I ever give control of the content of the survey to anyone.  Period.  As I said, I hope it goes without saying… but said it anyways. So there, it’s said. Savvy?

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