Are You Going To Be Doing Customer Service In 2014?

I think I know the answer to that…

The better question then is not if you are going to do it, but how.  And that is where i can help.

Earlier this year with my friends at KANA and I conducted a survey of the trends and momentum of the Customer Service market.  I asked you to participate and we got a tad over 400 responses.  Now it’s time to share the results.

Would you like to know who owns Customer Experience initiatives (hint: it is not marketing)? Or whether it is a good idea to deploy mobile as an interface for customer service? How about learning from the people who are working in omni-channel implementations?

Would you like to know what omni-channel is and how you can tackle its challenges? I promise to keep the discussion on omni family-friend – even try to define it (if you know me, this is a sacrifice!)

Do you know how to integrate social and customer service through mobile interfaces and via agents desktops?  Would you like to?

All this is yours, for the taking, just for registering for the free webinar where we will introduce the results of the research and give you a chance to access the full report as well.

Did you know, for example, that just 40% of customer service department have budgeting and political power over their operations? (if you want to find out who has the rest, join us).

You probably know that email and phone are the most widely used channels (96% and 93% respectively), but which channels are the fastest growing in adoption? How are social channels (Twitter and Facebook) faring in adoption now that we found out how well they can work?

Join us for this webinar and get the answers – and get your planning for 2014 done in time.

See you there!

disclaimer: I know this will be a shock, but KANA is a customer.  I have been working with them for many, many years (even when back at Gartner) and was hired by them for about a year in a too-soon-to-date-other-people stage of our relationship.  I have a retainer contract that includes the study we conducted, strategic consulting, and even the webinar you are attending.  Alas, since 400+ of you answered the survey, it is unlikely that I made up the answers or twisted the findings (as you will find out if you attend, a couple of areas are not what they would like to see advertised – will let you know if you join us).  So, yeah, i got paid to do this – but as always i retain my independence – which anyone at KANA would love to discuss in detail considering how stubborn i can be about it.
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