Measuring Customer Service Usage One More Time

For the third year in a row, and consistently growing in responses and popularity, it is time to measure what’s been happening in Customer Service.

The survey, conducted by thinkJar and sponsored by KANA for the past three years, is a great way to showcase what’s going on in Customer Service, what has changed in the past 12 months, and – more importantly – what’s trending and in which direction.

With over 400 responses the last year (more than double the first year) and an expected increase of at least 100-120 more this year the survey is showing what customer service professionals are thinking and doing.

Last year’s effort showcased some interesting insights:

  • Almost on one is still sure about what to do with communities – yet they all want to do it.
  • Literally no one was working or deployed in omnichannel, and almost 2/3 of respondents were not even clear of their multi-channel strategy
  • Social customer service was dropping dramatically in adoption, to the benefit of Chat (yes, chat – kid you not)
  • The value of mobile and social for organizations is still not well understood – where more than one third of organizations see no value to the customer in deploying those channels.

The effort this year for me is twofold:

  1. I want to confirm the findings from last year and see if the trends continue in adoption, usage, and positions that organizations are taking with their investments
  2. I want to see what new insights can be gathered from more respondents and from an additional year of trending data

We are also trying something new this year.  We will release a report at the end of the analysis, but we will also release data in an ongoing basis.  Once we generate sufficient responses to showcase some interesting data (which I expect to be within 1-2 weeks) I will begin posting the data and the analysis in short snippets.  No longer you will have to wait to see the entire report or try to find interesting insights from it.

Expect to see anywhere from six to ten insights published these way every 2-3 weeks as data becomes available.

OK, enough peddling of the product – on to the survey.  Please take the survey here, advertise it everywhere you can, and help me get as many answers as possible so we have great data available.

Questions? Comments? Drop them below.

The survey is embedded below and also you can take it here if you prefer a full browser experience.

Disclaimer: KANA is a customer, has been for many years, and is sponsoring this survey exclusively – but they don’t have any control over the content, questions asked (they did collaborate on some questions, providing suggestions, but the final questionnaire is in line with out theses only) or even the results.  All data remains property of thinkJar and all content are ours.  KANA gets to enjoy the warm and fuzzy feelings of both having the results published under the name and knowing that they helped advanced the world of customer service.  Both very important, if you ask me.  I get to do more research with someone helping me pay the bills – and to keep my consciences clear that I still own the process, methodology, and content. Phew.   A big thank you to KANA for supporting this project for the past three years.

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  1. Completed!

    Would be interesting to see the response from smaller companies (20> employees), and the solutions they implement. What kind of segmentation have you done around small businesses or startups?


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