ICYMM: Three Tips to Power Your Knowledge Management Initiatives

ICYMM: In case you missed me, linking to articles or other places in the web where you can find my research and content.

I had a few weeks ago the change to talk to the lovely Lori Alcala  about Knowledge Management.  She was interested in learning more about the research and findings from a report on Knowledge Management I ran sponsored by IntelliResponse.

She wrote a great summary, I am  happy with how it came out  – despite being in a publication I don’t appreciate much – and wanted to link you to it and give you some quotes from it.


Kolsky noted that only 34 percent of companies have maintenance processes in place for their knowledge.

“Maintenance costs increase an average of 8 percent per year, but less than 3 percent of organizations would invest 5 percent or more on maintenance over the previous year.

“Most people see knowledge management as a technology,” he concluded, “but in reality, it’s a lifelong initiative of an organization.

Read the entire article including the three tips to “power your knowledge management” here.

disclaimer: you know me and my model, vendors sponsor research but don’t own any of the planning, deployment, analysis, or delivery.  they get to use the findings, but i get approval of the final content and model, etc.  IntelliResponse was kind enough to sponsor my research last year on KM (together with Transversal and Parature) and they got a good report (I will provide more info in later installments) and data.  They created an infographic and that was why Lori became interested and we talked.  That does not change any of my opinions about any vendor – but you know that already.  right?

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