How to Do Mobile Customer Service (With Videos!)

Yes.  I gave in to the dark side… the title is a little link-baitish… I will admit that.

But, there is good content (and they are videos) associated with it.

Here is the scoop…

A couple of years ago I started working with a large number of brands on their approach to mobile customer service.  We tried, experimented, tested different things and in the process I came up with a nifty little model for adoption of mobile customer service which I have been improving ever since.

It’s a generational approach, each generation building on the previous one, and it has proven successful time and again.  You start simple and grow in complexity as you go along, learning and doing more.

Just like life – or school (just got back from my kid’s back to school night… always wondering how we did have fun before we had kids in school… I digress, sorry Sameer).

In the process, my friends at Salesforce asked me to do a few videos with advice on customer service and we all thought that this model (and its implications) were a good topic.

Now, just like in life – attention is limited and short.  My attention span these days is limited to… what was i saying?

Right, so we created the concept of customer service minute (more like between 1 and 2 minutes each) and crafted five awesome videos that answer the basic questions about mobile customer service.

I promise you, they are very much worthy if you are embarking on mobile customer service.  Trust me.  Years of experience condensed in 7-10 minutes of wisdom, examples, and statistics.

You are welcome, it’s what I do.

Click on this link (registration required, but its painless) and you can access the five videos.  Come back if you want to chat about them or leave some comments… or have a conversation.

If you want to get more on this, or anything related to customer service, come to my Dreamforce session:

Thought Leader: Keeping Your Customers Happy in Today’s Connected World, Tue, Sep 15, 3:00 PM-3:40 PM 
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Or simple, leave your thoughts below.  Thanks.

note: if you have spare cycles and are in customer service, can you pretty please fill out my survey on usage and adoption? much appreciated…

disclaimer: as you can imagine, is a client.  They are an active retainer client and have been for a few years.  I am grateful to their contribution to my vices (like mortgages, food for the kids, clothes, etc.) and as always they don’t get to tell me what to do  (yes, it does frustrate them – just ask them).  Content is entirely mine, final edit and veto power is mine, and what to talk about and what to say is my decision.  Call it what you may, I call it a cool relationship where we both get what we need: great content and fed kids.  And no obligations on either side. Win-win

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  1. esteban … really like the practicality of the message; to progress on the mobile front by building minimal viable product that focuses on mobile as the interface to device and further …

    and cool socks 🙂


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