Got A Customer Service Tale To Tell?

Yes boys and girls. That time of the year again. 

Budgets. Plans. Goals. And getting your speaker submissions done for conferences in 2016. 

And because we changed the dates for the Customer Service Experience conference next year to May 23-26 (and the city to DC instead of New York City) we are calling for speakers to summit ther ideas now. 

You have until November 6 to send in your proposals (here is the link). We are looking for great stories around customer service, customer experience, and all topics related to working with customers. 

A few caveats (and then some suggestions):

  • Sorry. No software vendor-submitted presentations will be considered. My hands are tied on this one. Been trying for three years. No dice. 
  • Practitioners (folks doing the work with a story to tell) will have first consideration. Last year this made a difference in the last three slots – highly encouraged. 
  • Consultants and integrators with a story to tell (getting the idea?) and not just pushing their methodology, smarts, or products get second consideration. 
  • Analysts and other influencers get consideration for the 12-minute sessions and for panels.  If you have an interesting story to tell (yes, I’m serious about these stories) then contact me and we can discuss. 

That’s pretty much it. Share your story

If you don’t know what to talk about, these are the topics that were most popular and requested for next year:  

  1. Analytics. Measurement. Metrics.
  2. Multi-channel. Omni-channel. 
  3. Employee engagement.  Agent engagement. 
  4. End -to-end experiences. 
  5. Digital transformation. Business transformation.  
  6. Communities. 
  7. Knowledge management. 
  8. Social customer service. 

That’s about it. Send us your stories before November 6

Questions? Comments? Below. 


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