All I Want for Christmas Is You…

…to answer my KM survey

Cheesy? Yep.

I need some 20-25 more responses to my Knowledge Management survey.  That is 20-25 more people who have a project for KM in Customer Service underway, or who were involved in one the past 12 months.

Are you one of them?

Here is some bribing… some early results…

  • About 1/3 of organizations are not doing KM for Customer Service (mostly due to lack of resources and lack of qualified talent to guide them)
  • About 1/2 of those doing it said that reduced volumes of interactions in other channels is not a benefit.  There is more behind this, but you will have to wait to see the final report (which you can get if you take the survey...)
  • Almost 3/4 of respondents have been doing KM for longer than one year, and more than 1/2 have been doing it for longer than two
  • Almost 1/4 of respondents don’t track metrics for KM (I’m still trying to recover from this one… shocking)
  • Finally, nearly 40% of respondents use KM on-premises.

Does this sound like you? Want to compare notes with the nearly 180 respondents we already have in the database?  Take the survey!

We will send you a complete report and data set so you can benchmark and compare.

Do it today!  Christmas is upon us…

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