Customer Service Survey Time – One More Time!

Hello ladies and germs,

That time you were waiting for all year is finally here!

The new phonebook is here!! I’m finally somebody…


The time to give me your opinions in exchange for an aggregate view of what’s going on in Customer Service is here.

As a side item, 46% of people in America still use yellow pages to find business listings and 34% (kid you not) still use the phonebook to find telephone numbers for people (I am assuming it’s so they can text them….).

Isn’t that interesting?


How about learning that Customer Experience and Engagement are the most hoped for budgeted projects in Customer Service in 2016-2017 – but cloud, knowledge, employee empowerment, and analytics were the top four that got funded?

Or to know we finally (finally!) made it to mainstream adoption with Chat (more than 30% of adoption) and that IA (intelligent assistants) are around 10% adoption?

Still not interesting enough?

How about…

Nah, to learn the rest you will have to take the survey and read the results in August.  Or come to my session in early October at Dreamforce to hear me present in a masterful way… OK, same as always… but had to try.

This year we are looking at adoption, usage, mobile customer service, future technologies, empowering agents, and more… much more!

Come on folks, entertainment like this does not come cheap (or free)… you have to take my survey in exchange.

Want more?  How about if I bribe you?  The first 200 people who take the survey (which should be within the first two weeks – starting today) will get a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts e-gift card worth $5.00 (just about a cup of coffee these days… whatever happened to the nickel cup???).  Sorry, Peet’s decided not to do e-gift cards (which goes with having crappy coffee and no hot food as top three worse decisions ever for a business).  Just let me know at the end of the survey, will send the cards as the survey wraps up in mid- to late-July (depending on number of responses).

Ready? Set? Take the survey!

disclaimer: i don’t like Peet’s coffee, never had, never will.  Call me any name in the book if you want, but their coffee sucks and their decision to not offer hot foods made Starbucks – worse coffee even – beat them.  sucks.  as for bias on surveys, how owns the data, etc — my friends at Salesforce are sponsoring this survey and I am forever grateful so my kids can eat twice a week now.  i still control everything else about it, including topic selection, questions asked, answers offered, biases, and data collected. no one but me will ever see the data collected (some people say I don’t even see it <rimshot>) and all identifying information is removed – this is truly anonymous unless you decide to give me your email address to get the results, to chat more, or because you are greedy and want a cup of joe in exchange for the 15-20 minutes it takes you to do this survey… 🙂

disclaimer 2: if you follow me anywhere you know i never endorse giving prizes or rewards for taking surveys.  i still don’t believe in bribing and offering prizes and rewards for taking the survey — but i am trying something different. will let you know how it goes

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