A New Model for thinkJar

In the perpetual search for a better model to share research, news, reviews, and more I am “formally” changing what I do.

I am, for the first time since Gartner, creating a research agenda.

There are five topics in it right now:

  • Customer Service Adoption and Usage
  • Data Usage in the Enterprise
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise
  • Platforms and Ecosystems
  • Customer Experiences and Engagement

There will be primary research aligned with both (quantitative for more established markets, qualitative for emerging markets) and  “reports” like drivers and inhibitors, case studies, lessons learned, business issues, executive conversations, and more.


The dates and titles will be published (in my *new* website – coming in January) so you have an idea what I am working on, but one thing will remain clear – this is not about covering vendors or promoting vendors, or comparing vendors, or selecting vendors.  The goal on all this is to provide a strategy-focused, market-based perspective of business and technology issues – not a vendor-influenced view of how to sell software.  This is about feeding strategies and aligning technology and business.

Why am I doing all this?

Two reasons: I am overly tired of hype; I’m going to focus on finding and publishing real information (call me the anti-fake-news-for-the-enterprise crusader if you may), but more importantly because I sense that this information will be, for the next 2-3 years, far more valuable than thought leadership and visions for the future.

It’s time to GSD.

Adding my 2 drachmas to it.

disclaimer: there are commercial aspects to this model, and it’s not a subscription option.  everything I write will be published for free either here or my LinkedIn page. I very so much appreciate my clients that over the years have paid me to do research just because they think I  bring a different perspective – and would like to continue that.  

As a shameless plug, if you are and vendor and interested in learning how you can support my “research habit” for the topics above, please drop me a line.

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