Research Agenda 2017: Customer Service Adoption and Usage

A few weeks back I told you I was changing the model for thinkJar.

This is the first of five posts where I will give you more details on what I am working on this year.

First, and in its sixth year, the Customer Service Adoption and Usage report.

The Customer Service market is very much settled.  There is little innovation coming out the market and we are running a steady 10-12% growth in market value year/year.  We also have methodologies and models that are pretty much known by anyone and the major issues and trends in the market deal with how to optimize it, not just how to use the solutions in the market.

Due to the market maturity, I focus my research more on the lessons learned and what’s working aspects than in the “new shiny bead” solutions for it.  I am working this year the following pieces (with due dates, which could change based on external factors):

  1. February 7 – State of the Market: Customer Service
  2. March 14 – Customer Service Market Drivers and Inihibitors
  3. April 18 – Latest and Greatest Lessons Learned: Customer Service
  4. April 24 – Customer Service Adoption and Usage Report: Findings and Analysis
  5. May 30 – Customer Service Implementation: A Case Study
  6. September 5 – Customer Service Implementation: A Case Study

How can you help (or how can I help you)?

If you have an interesting case study, if you are willing to be interviewed for a lessons learned interview, if you have some wisdom or insight you’d like to contribute, if you would like to discuss the market — or if you are looking to sponsor the research (wink-wink) simply contact me.  You can also leave a comment below if you prefer.

For anything else, there ain’t no Mastercard — you are going to have to wait.

(part two of this five-part research agenda publishing is tomorrow and will display the same information for the topic of Data Usage in the Enterprise)

disclaimer: the bad joke about not having Mastercard has no relationship whatsoever to the company and is a bad take on the commercials they use to run in the 1990s.  if it offends anyone, who is not with the Mastercard corporation, nothing I can do. if they’re with Mastercard, apologies and let me know – will take it down and apologize before you involve your lawyers (but after we discuss your improper sense of humor maybe).

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  1. Hi – I’m still out there collecting t-shirts. I’d welcome the chance to share some anecdotal observations and ask some questions about some “shiny beads”…eg, adding communications APIs to your legacy applications as an alternative to contact center applications – what could go wrong?


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