Research Agenda 2017: Platforms and Ecosystems

The fourth installment of the research agenda for 2017 (and beyond) is the basis for all the others to exist: Platforms and Ecosystems.

I told you a few weeks ago that I was changing the model for thinkJar (my company, in case you just know me – or neither) to publishing more structured research.  Part of that commitment is creating a research agenda – but had to be something I can manage as a solo practitioner.  Thus, I have created the agenda for the five topics I will cover, and have been publishing them here.  So far,

Customer Service Usage and Adoption (CS)

Data Usage in the Enterprise (DU)

Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise (AI)

Platforms and Ecosystems (PE) (this one), and

Customer Engagement and Experiences (CEE) (tomorrow)

With that bit of administration – let’s focus on Platforms and Ecosystems.

This should be a simple one, the cloud has three layers – Infrastructure, Platform, and Software – and this is where we deal with the middle layer.  I have written extensively about the cloud before, and it is all summed up in my wonderful eBook “Defining a Pure, Open Cloud” (link to PDF) where I make the statement that I have sustained since the early 2000s, platforms are going to rule the way we use software in the enterprise.

That is still the case, and that is what I am putting into research and emphasis into this new year.  For platforms to operate the proper way, ecosystems are essential.  Much to the chagrin of — well, enterprise software vendors, there won’t be a simple business that can operate on a single platform; relationships between platforms become ecosystems and ecosystems are what deliver value in the cloud.

Pure, Open, and Simple.

The research I want to publish this year (and into the future) will focus on this: how can an organization embrace an open platform and create an ecosystem? To this end, I want to attack this from the following perspective:

  1. March 7 – Definitions and Market Structure
  2. April 11 – PE Trends and Adoptions in the Enterprise
  3. May 23 – Use cases for PE
  4. June 27 – Pulse of the PE Market
  5. October 3 – Case Studies and Examples in PE

How can you help? How can I help you?

If you see something – say something!

But, no – seriously folks…

If you have an interesting story to tell, a point to discuss, a something to contribute – or any questions about the topic, please drop me a line.  Any questions not related to the topic, the answer is 42 – but you already know that.

Tomorrow, the last installment of my research agenda: Customer Experiences and Engagement.

Anything to add?

disclaimers – what can i say? vendors are not guiding my research? said that already, this is complicated? said that too, you cannot get there from here without help? you know that.  bottom line, i write my own research, do my own primary research, and everything i said is backed up with data and years of doing it.  don’t try this at home.

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