Research Project: Customer Service Going Forward – Please Help

It’s that time again – time to give me your ideas and plans for Customer Service, in exchange for a consolidated view of the market.

This is my sixth year doing this research project on adoption and trends for customer service and this is the most exciting so far.  We are entering the era of cloud-based, micro-services focused, platform-built solutions for customer service and I want to find out what you are doing.

Take this short survey, 15-20 minutes at most – likely less.  Let me know what you and your company are working on, what you’re planning, and what looks interesting.  Last year we highlighted the fast rise of chat and chatbots – this year we are focusing on the coming age of platforms and ecosystems, mobile, and the far faster decline of social.

What says you?  Take the survey, let me know.  I will publish the results via this blog in summarized form and send you the final report when we are done.

Thanks for your help, once again.

PS – here is a little hint of what I am working on for research and where I need your help — this is a model I crafted (with m excellent design skills) on what the platform model looks like for CS.  More on the final report, but I need your help with data to get there.  Thanks.

disclaimer: as with all my research projects, all data remains mine and no one else will ever see it.  your contribution is secure and confidential, and I will never reveal any PII about you or your company.  all results are aggregated, and all analysis is done in private without sharing data with anyone else.  while this effort is sponsored by (a client) I make all decisions on what to ask, how, and I keep all the data.  they help me pay the bills – and put the kids through therapy…

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