Article: A (Very Clever and Well Done) Critique of #AI


source: Technically Sentient Newsletter (subscribe here)

“computer programs that use statistics and lots of data.”

my impressions: this is a very contrarian view of AI as a solution.  The author makes some good points, leaves some things that we know out of the discussion (likely to strengthen their own point), but ends up being a great summary of why AI is not the panacea we y’all some of you think it may be.  Good reading if you are considering embarking on a decision on AI.  The quote above encapsulates my thinking on AI as it’s being hawked at enterprises: it’s nothing more than advanced analytics as presented — and there’s lots more to be done, if someone wants to take the time to do it right (will save you the suspense, nah… not likely to happen).

If you want to follow up on the concept of advanced analytics and machine-learning (what you really think of when you think AI), drop me a note.

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