That Facebook Thing? We’re Stupid, That’s Why We’re Mad

Oh, Facebook — you had us all at “free games and pictures of high school crushes today”

So, why are we that mad at them? Why is Facebook’s the new incarnation of evil?

I talked about this with Ray Wang and Vala Afshar last Friday during the latest and greatest episode of DisrupTV – and here is how you can watch that video

DisrupTV Episode 99 – Esteban Kolsky

The dorky look? turns out the new iPhone and the new MacBook don’t have any headset plugs, which I did not know until few minutes before airing – apologies.

Thoughts? Are we mad because we are stupid?

Let me know…

(and, since we clarifying things… I have been out of FB for about 5-6 years… so when I say “we’re stupid” I say it with love)

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