About Customer Service in the Future…

I was trying to keep it quiet, but – darn.

First, Vala outed me in ZDNet.

Then, John exposed it in the webinar.

Now, I have to share this findings document.

Two caveats:

  1. Grammar, spelling, typos are not final – nor will they be ever be.  it’s a findings document, not a report.  If you need distribution quality content, contact me and we can see about reprints for distribution.
  2. More on the contents of this report, and the research behind these ideas, will be made available in the next few months

Remember, my research model is “sponsored research” – that means I do what I want, but kind vendors sponsor my ability to feed the kids 2-3 times a week in exchange for a document summarizing what that research yields.  Virtually in all cases the research is available to be shared, the way it is shared varies.

If you want to read the original document – click here (don’t worry, you won’t have to sign up for anything, or give me any information, or pay — wait, if you want to pay, LMK – we can arrange that)

Thoughts? As always, put them below and welcomed.

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