Surveys Done Right – Part 4 – EFM Best Practices

and, the final part of the four-part series on surveys lessons learned and best practices.

ping me for updates, these are 10 years old and likely need some touch up and personalization… but still read true for the most part.

Surveys Done Right – Part 4 – EFM Best Practices

Ok, final part of this series.

We so far have covered point-of-service surveys, customer-satisfaction surveys, and best-practices for surveys.  On to the best way to implement enterprise feedback management in your organization.  This is a set of best practices I use with all my clients to get them to understand what is the best way to adopt an Enterprise Feedback Management initiative.  Since I was told the previous posts were too long – on to the rest of this!

Most organizations embark on feedback management programs with no clear objective or purpose, except to simply collect information from the client. This results in long, rambling surveys, improperly worded questions and poor response rates. More importantly, it results in an annoyed customer who must put up with an ill-prepared organization as well as valuable feedback being discarded because…

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