KM with AI??? Inconceivable??? Nah, Easy Peasy…

I feel I am truly gifted…. or blessed…. or something.

I have good clients that like what I say and write, and they hire me to explore topics that are emerging in the enterprise.  One of these awesome clients is Transversal, and they wanted to see what I could do in relation to using Artificial Intelligence to augment Knowledge Management.

If you follow me over the years you know that I have written and done tons of work around KM.  I love the concept, and deride the fact that is poorly understood, implemented – and worse even, evolved.  There is so much potential around KM and the way to use it to automate a large number of interactions in an enterprise – why isn’t it done?

This was one of the basic questions I set out to explore, and see how the latest and greatest innovations in AI could help.  I talked to some people doing the work of augmenting KM and using AI to do that, and we came up with a great (humbly, mostly) white paper that covers the topic and includes a couple of case studies and frameworks to make decisions.

Good stuff, and it is excerpted in blogs post – three already published (you can access them from the main page) and you can also register to download the white paper at this page.

Check it out, come back and let me know your thoughts.  There’s tons more to be done / written / covered on this topic, and will continue to do so as the year evolves – but, AI and KM — what do you say?

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